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Goodbye Sally 1998-2009

Mar 30th 2009

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Many of you have gotten to know Sally, our black labrador-German shepard friend of 12+ years.  Perhaps she has licked you in your face when you came into our home or you have seen her at our side on hundreds of runs and bike rides up Mill Mountain in Roanoke.

Today, Missy and I made the very difficult decision to have her put to sleep as her physical condition has taken a turn for the worse over the past few months.  While we’ve been away here in Mexico since August we have been so lucky to have her in the caring hands of our friends Donny and Katie who nursed her along with weekly baths, trips to the vet and much love.

It was impossible to imagine that when we said our good-byes in August it would be the last time we saw her.  I was lucky to have seen her a couple of times over January while I was home, but it was obvious she had changed greatly.  There was nothing more we could do for her from afar, and her condition required care beyond what we were willing to ask any of our friends to give her.

For a large dog we were lucky to have had her for so long but that kind of luck certainly doesn’t diminish our sadness over the past few weeks while we’ve tried to figure out what to do.  It has been an especially difficult week for us as Missy lost her Grandpa George Warp earlier in the week.

When we return to Roanoke, we’ll spread her ashes along the paths that she loved to run.  She will be forever missed.

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  1. Richard Meltzer

    Mom and I will really miss Sally – she made Asheville come alive when she visited with you. It was especially nice for Maysie to have her company even with the occasional rivalries. You guys were really great with her and treated her with such love and respect. She complemented your active lifestyle so well reveling in all the physical activity – always willing to join even the most rigorous runs, swims, etc. We all wish her a loving goodbye.

  2. Bill Robertson

    Sorry to hear that guys. It’s been a tough week for Missy emotionally. I know how hard it is to lose loved ones and dogs as well.

  3. Oh Missy and Josh…my heart goes out to you. I cried for an entire year, every night, after I had to put my beloved cocker spaniel, Chase to sleep several years ago. That dog had been with me longer than my husband, at the time. And, the dog had been through all my tough times with me…laying by my side while I recovered from surgeries, etc….the poor dog even fought with John for the bed, when he moved in. That was kind of funny, though.
    Anyhow, I\’m so sorry. I know how difficult it is! I\’m glad she had a wonderful life with you guys! I\’ll miss her spastic, slobbery hellos when I\’m at your house. I\’ll send doggie blessings as her spirit is lifted into doggie heaven! Love, Steph

  4. Will Sullivan

    Sorry for your loss, Josh. She sounds like she was an awesome dog.

  5. Donny & Katie

    Sally was a wonderful dog and will be missed and remembered when she was in the best of health and full of vibrant energy. She was super friendly and always ready to be your friend. Though her health greatly diminished her spirit still shone through. Katie and I send tears your way Sally as we read all the thoughtful words and the thought filled blog that Josh wrote.
    Hope you are in a better place and feeling much more at peace. All those who knew you will surely miss you.

  6. Fleda

    I just cannot tell you how sad I am for ya’ll. Losing both Jack and Sister in such a short time span was very difficult, but for ya’ll to lose Sally and Missy’s grandfather in one week while so far away must be especially difficult. You are blessed to have each other! I will so miss Sally running up to me whenever I walked in your house. I loved her! Please have All my Love and Blessings!

  7. Beth Deel

    Dear Josh and Missy,

    Mark and I are so sad to hear about Sally and Grandpa George too! Please know we are all thinking of you and if you need anything at all please do not hesitate to ask. We love you guys and hope to see you soon.

    Love, Beth and Mark

  8. Evelio Contreras

    Sorry about Sally. She was a good dog and will be missed by me.

  9. Oh, Sally… goodbye, you sweet girl. I’m so sorry for your loss, Josh. How hard to be away from her at the end. Thinking of you and Missy…

  10. Emily

    Hey Josh and Missy,
    I was really sad to hear about Sally today. I know you guys must be having a difficult time with this especially since you are so far away from it all. She was a wonderful companion to you both and I know she will be missed by all of us who were lucky enough to meet and play with her. I’ll be thinking about you guys.
    Love, Emily

  11. Annie Thompson

    Josh & Missy,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your losses this week. Dogs really are man’s best friends. Sally was so loyal and loving. I wish you both peace and comfort.


  12. Josh and Missy,
    So sorry to hear about Sally. It’s hard to imagine you without her. I love the fact that you are spreading her ashes on her favorite running paths. She had a good life!
    A big hug to you and Missy,

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