Josh Meltzer – Mexico – Fulbright 2008-2009 Photojournalist

World Music Festival

Mar 30th 2009
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Just a few pictures from Fiesta de la Musica which took up four plazas downtown Guadalajara on Saturday night.  The last concert, La Mala Rodriguez, was supposed to start at midnight, but didn’t get off (in true Mexican fashion) until nearly 2 a.m. but was worth the wait.  Very impressive opening by local band Radaid.

While waiting for the set to get some audio fixed, Danielle, Gustavo and Manzano went into a nearby bar which was about to close, except that Gustavo knew the owner.  We walked into a closing bar only to be followed by half a dozen drunk people who cranked up the Karaoke machine and danced away for another hour.  A crazy series of events….

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