Josh Meltzer – Mexico – Fulbright 2008-2009 Photojournalist

Last days of Photo Class

May 19th 2009
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After nearly seven months of teaching a weekly photo class to a group adolescents here in Guadalajara, the students turned in their Canon cameras and we had our final edit for an upcoming show.  We narrowed down 16,803 images shot by 19 students ages 11-16 to a small group of 50 photographs that are being printed and framed as I write.

I’m currently editing a video about the class and our experiences, that will be posted on the class’ website soon as well as projected at the museum.

I would like to make an open invitation to attend the show, June 24 2009 at the Museo Regional in Guadalajara’s historic downtown at 7:30 p.m.  The U.S. consulate is coming on board as a sponsor, and the kids and I are really excited to show our work to the city.  We have promises from a newspaper and main television station here to make interviews with the kids to help promote the show.

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